Telangana Today : T-Innovation Utsavam celebrates bright minds

The exhibition – which was held to celebrate the stories of inspiring rural and student innovators – had products on display of all kinds ranging from a small nose filter to big drones it had everything for everyone

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Hyderabad: Archani and Shivani are just in ninth class but they have developed a product – Solar Indoor Water Plant — that can help people water their plants even when they are not available. On the other hand, Ibrahim who is only in seventh class has developed a small sensor that can be put on the terrace and it will get triggered whenever it rains so that people can save their washed clothes from getting wet. At the far end of the exhibition is Padma Shri Chintakindli Mallesham who is a sixth class dropout but has made an Asu Machine so as to mechanise the process of weaving.

This and many more – about 60 plus – innovations were showcased at the T Innovation Utsavam hosted by Telangana State Innovation Cell (TSIC) in collaboration with innovation partners including NIRD, Palle Srujana, Inqui-lab Foundation, CIPS and CREYA, sponsored by TS Online.

The exhibition – which was held to celebrate the stories of inspiring rural and student innovators – had products on display of all kinds ranging from a small nose filter to big drones it had everything for everyone. These innovators are problem solvers who are driven to solve the unnoticed yet pressing issues of rural Telangana and have thus come up with innovative solutions to ease the pain of a common main. This event aims to reach every part of Telangana, one step at a time and make innovation a colloquial term even in the remotest of the districts.

After inaugurating the event, IT and Industries department principal secretary Jayesh Ranjan said, “I am happy to be part of such an event wherein rural innovators and students get to showcase their innovations to the common man. More than anything it is a big milestone for these innovators as it provides them with much needed impetus to improvise their products and build their confidence. Now that we have learned that there are so many innovations coming up from the State, it is time to recognise them and create a market for them. This is the gap we have to bridge.”

Some of the other innovations showcased are a roti making machine which can make 400 rotis per hour and the semi-cooked rotis can be stored for two to three days and heated as and when needed. This was developed by A J Rao through his company Sai Manikanta Innovations Enterprises and they have already sold 160 pieces in the market in the last one year.

Another innovator from Nalgonda district Sai Krishna, 19, has developed a device that can protect farmers from electric shock caused by the borewell motors. “Through our device we connect three wires to the motor and as soon as the farmer touches a live wire it automatically switches off the main switchboard thus saving him from getting shock,” Krishna said.

TSIC to foster rural innovators

The Telangana State Innovation Cell is looking at fostering rural innovation through its various activities. In the last one year, the cell headed by the Telangana chief innovation officer Phanindra Sama, has identified 200 rural innovators from the different districts of the State. And these innovators are being given support of various kinds like mentorship, technical, funding or even market reach through government or corporate partnerships.

The next step for the cell, according to Sama, is to set up small centres where different innovators from the surrounding areas can assemble and share their knowledge to improve their innovations in every form. “We are thinking on those directions and want to start with Karimnagar as we realised through our Innovation Yatra that this district has a lot of rural innovators. The centres will act as a space for these innovators to come together and support and help each other in every possible way,” Sama said on the sidelines of T Innovation Utsavam organised by TSIC.

On the Utsavam, the chief innovation officer informed that such exhibitions provide a platform for not only the innovators to showcase their product but also acts as a platform for spectators to get inspired. “We want to all of us to awaken to the idea that any one of us can be an innovator and that is why we are showcasing these innovations,” he said.

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